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Recap: Telemedicine and Legal Issues You Should Know

Posted in Telemedicine
Telemedicine is a rapidly growing industry that uses telecommunications to gather, store, and communicate clinical information. It is a subcategory of telehealth, which is the broader term encompassing all uses of telecommunications in the healthcare context. Telemedicine can be asynchronistic, where information is stored and then forwarded, or it can be used in real-time.… Continue Reading

Securing ePHI in a Mobile Health World

Posted in HIPAA, Privacy, Security, Technology, Telemedicine
Could a lost cell phone or laptop cost your organization millions of dollars? Mobile devices have enabled vast improvements in the efficiency and quality of healthcare delivery. Through the use of mobile devices, patients and providers can access real-time information that can lead to better health outcomes through improving medication compliance and understanding of treatment… Continue Reading

Dialing in on Health Care Delivery Through Telemedicine

Posted in Guest Contributor, Technology, Telemedicine
With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, millions of newly insured patients have entered the health care market, bringing attention to the need for expanded access to services. Meanwhile, rapid advancements in the use of high-speed data transmission have paved the way toward using Internet technology to alleviate this problem, while addressing numerous inefficiencies… Continue Reading