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Concierge Medicine – A New Frontier

Posted in Guest Contributor, Physician Perspectives, Trends
Concierge medicine is a relatively new, but rapidly growing and evolving supplement to traditional medical care. A concierge physician charges an annual retainer fee that provides the patient with additional services that are not covered by insurance, but which enhance accessibility, the amount of time spent with the physician, and hopefully a much more personalized… Continue Reading

Attorneys in the Time of Cholera

Posted in Guest Contributor, Physician Perspectives
  This is the story of how lawyers are fighting the cholera epidemic in Haiti. I am a physician with a subspecialty in infectious diseases. Since 2003, I have periodically travelled to Haiti to deliver basic medical care in underserved areas. I was also in Haiti two months after the earthquake that devastated the country… Continue Reading

Avenues to Asylum: Collaborations between Medical and Legal Professionals

Posted in Guest Contributor, Physician Perspectives
On a personal basis, my experiences with attorneys have been confined to generally unpleasant but necessary conversations about money and real estate, all of which are memorialized in hourly fees. However, in my human rights work as a physician, I have valued, if not treasured, my interactions with the attorneys with whom I work. Since 2005,… Continue Reading