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Organizations Want to Cry After WannaCry Ransomware Attacks

Posted in Cybersecurity, HIPAA, HITECH, Privacy, Security, Trends
Earlier this month a massive ransomware attack spread throughout 150 countries, infecting 300,000 computers and crippling businesses across the globe. The ransomware, called “Wannacry,” infiltrated a variety of institutions, encrypting the user’s files and demanding payment of $300-$600 in bitcoin to unfreeze files. Hundreds of hospitals and health clinics in the British National Health Service… Continue Reading

High Cost of HIPAA Violations Demonstrated in $3.5 Million Settlement

Posted in Business Associates, Covered Entities, HIPAA, HITECH, Privacy, Security
Triple-S Management Corporation (“Triple-S”), on behalf of its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Triple-S Salud, Inc., Triple-C, Inc., and Triple-S Advantage, Inc., has agreed to pay $3.5 million as part of a Resolution Agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights (“OCR”) (“Resolution Agreement”). The Resolution Agreement settled all potential liabilities related to… Continue Reading

Hospital’s Turkey Dinner Is $850,000 Fine for Failure to Secure Mobile Medical Devices

Posted in HIPAA, HITECH, Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices, Privacy, Security
Just before Thanksgiving, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center (“Lahey”), a non-profit teaching hospital located in Burlington, Massachusetts, agreed to pay $850,000 for a breach of unsecured electronic protected health information (“ePHI”). Lahey will also be required to implement a corrective action plan. The breach occurred in 2011 when an unencrypted laptop was stolen from an… Continue Reading

OCR Audits to Begin in 2016

Posted in Business Associates, Covered Entities, HIPAA, HITECH, Privacy, Security
Beginning in 2016, the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) will conduct another round of audits to gauge compliance with privacy provisions in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This announcement comes in the wake of criticism leveled against OCR for inconsistencies enforcing the HIPAA Rules.… Continue Reading

HITECH Act Assures Meaningful Use & Care Coordination…For Some

Posted in Behavioral Health, EHR, HITECH, Technology, Trends
The passage of the ARRA HITECH Act in 2009 fostered significant advancements in patient engagement and care coordination by incentivizing primarily physical health providers and acute care hospitals to make smarter use of technology. Specifically, the Act provided funding for eligible providers and hospitals to adopt electronic health records (EHR) and then “meaningfully use” those… Continue Reading