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Judge’s Antitrust Decision Makes Hospitals Think Twice before Acquiring Physician Practices

Posted in Antitrust, Physician Practice Models, Trends
A federal judge recently reversed a hospital system’s acquisition of a physician practice under antitrust laws. Judge B. Lynn Winmill of the United States District Court for Idaho ruled that St. Luke’s Health System, Ltd. (“St. Luke’s”) and Saltzer Medical Group, P.A. (“Saltzer”) would need to unwind their deal as a result of violations of… Continue Reading

Population Care Management – The Future of Health Care: An Interview with John M. Tedeschi, M.D.

Posted in Affordable Care Act (ACA), Physician Practice Models, Trends
John M. Tedeschi, M.D., a New Jersey pediatrician turned health care entrepreneur, admits he is “obsessed” with the ideals of the Affordable Care Act (the “ACA”): (1) increasing the quality of health care, (2) increasing patient access to and satisfaction with health care, and (3) decreasing the costs of health care. “Physicians love being physicians,” according… Continue Reading